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Relieving Stress

Relieving Stress

Hi all. I’m Inggrid I live in Mexico. At the moment I am living in Puerto Vallarta. Beautiful place, beautiful beach and you should go there.

I am working as a manager in of the inn there. Since there are a lot people here for vacation then there’s lot of work to do for me. And since we are working here, there’s lot types of visitors who stays in our inn. Well the more the merrier they say. I think that is kind of true.

In the inn, there are a lot of problems that we need handle because of the high amount of guests. From a clogged toilet to angry visitors, broken things, lost things, and many other problems that occur in this field of my job. You can imagine that my stress level is very high. You know what I usually do to relief it?

Drinking alcohol. I know it’s not healthy if we drink a lot. But I usually just drink a bit not till I’m like so drunk that I can’t even stand up (No gosh no). So my advice is that, if you want to drink alcohol don’t drink too much just drink a bit and know your limit. That is important because everyone limit on alcohol is not the same. Know your limit and don’t drink too much. Besides that, I go to karaoke from to time with friends. Karaoke is a good stress reliever too because you can just like scream all you want, dance, and do some crazy stuff there. Or if your stress level had already gone to depression I would suggest to go to psychiatrist, get some therapy.