About Me

Hi everyone. My name is Michael Ho. I am 28 years old and I work at a pharmacy company in Canada. I’ve already been in Canada for like 6 years. And I actually come from Thailand, Southeast of Asia. It’s really hot in there, so I went to college in Canada and now I am working here as well. Here in my blog I’m open to anyone with experiences from all over the world, similar to the ones I’m experiencing.

As an expatriate it’s hard to maintain our old lifestyle here at Canada. I can’t even eat an ice cream because it’s too cold for my teeth. In Thailand it’s so hot. And here in Canada it’s too cold for me. Because of the difference in the weather, I usually get sick very easily when I first came to Canada. I got flu, fever, and cough too as well. So of course I was frightened by this new weather. Then one day I was so sick that I needed to be hospitalize for a couple of days. And when I was checking out from the hospital, the bill was just too high. Especially for what I was used to back home. It was well over $7.000 for only a few days. I am so shocked by this fact. A reason for  the cost too went that high because I am still not a resident in Canada and I didn’t have any insurance too. So after this thing happened to me I realize needed to do something about it. In order to prevent this to happen again I need to maintain a really healthy lifestyle and I need some insurance to pay for medical bills if I got sick again. After I got what I wanted at that time till now when I was sick my insurance always cover my bills and I already got used to the life in Canada.